2023 Schedule 

Track Try-out Information



The following items must be completed before trying out for the team:

1. A current doctor’s physical, completed on the FHSAA paperwork. A physical for 7th grade completed on the health department paper will not be accepted. The information sheet must be notarized (page 1). Please make sure all signatures and dates are obtained.

2. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA for the 1st semester of the 2022-2023 school year.

3. Good classroom behavior and discipline record.

Try-outs are FREE! Once a player is selected for the team, a fee of $50.00 will be collected. If this is the second sport you have participated in this school year, the fee is $30.00. If this the third or fourth sport you have participated in this school year, there is no fee.

Student athletes are required to maintain their grades to the highest standards. Weekly grade sheets will be used by the coaches to monitor academic progress. All team members are reminded that they represent their families, school, coaches and community. Unacceptable behavior, laziness and missed practices will not be tolerated. Consequences may result in removal from the team.

Proper attire include  shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes that provide good traction. Some athletes may purchase spiked shoes depending on the events they will compete in. Uniforms will be provided for track meets.

The coaches will determine in which events the athletes will be compete. These decisions will be based on ability, times/distances and effort at practice. The events are as follows: 110M Hurdles, 100M, 200M,400M, 800M, Mile, 4 X 100M Relay, 4 X 400M Relay (boys), 800M Medley Relay (girls), Shot Put (4K), Discus, Long Jump and High Jump.

All paperwork is due  by March 22, 2032! It can be turned into the Front Office.

Mandatory try-outs will take place from 3/22/23 – 3/24/23. Try-outs will be from 3:00-4:45. Transportation must be available by 4:45!

Practice and game schedules will be distributed after teams are selected.

Any questions, please contact: Ms. Valdner (Athletic Director) 352-524-9700 or